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Manual transmission issues

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Manual transmission issues

Postby Socal_88crxsi » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:30 pm

I bought a 87 MR2. It drives amazing but it was hard(grinds) to put into second gear sometimes. I went online to see any ways to fix it without having to pay a shop to do a bearings and synchros kit. I found multiple sources say that often times(especially if its only one gear giving issue) changing the transmission gear oil will solve the issue. So I bought some really nice Lucas gear oil(yes it's the right wieght) it was like $20 a quart. I dumped the old fluid but I put the drain plug back in just before it all drained out(it calls for 2.4 quarts and I didn't want to pay for a third quart, I just spent 4k on the car plus all the work I've done so far and was low on cash). I put the two quarts in and test drive it. It drove fine at first but a few days later now and it grind going into every gear unless I shift at like 3k rpm or before. Torqued the drain and fill plug 6lb/ft over spec(50 instead of 44) so I don't think it all leaked out. It's somewhat smother when warm but still grinds a little. This car is my current daily because my crx is not working ATM. I need help asap. Should I try putting more real oil until it comes out the fill plug? Should I drop the tranny and take it to go get overhauled?? I'm Soo invested financially and emotionally in this car... I hate having to grind the gears, it's tearing away at my soul
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