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HELP - 1988 CRX si with b18b1 swap: code 43.

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HELP - 1988 CRX si with b18b1 swap: code 43.

Postby HunnyBunny » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:25 pm

Hi there,

it's been many moons since I posted here, and I know it's not nearly as lively as it used to be- but I'm stuck and thought I'd reach out for some input.

I've just recently completed my b18b1 non-vtec (1996 integra, so the later obd2 b18b1) into my 1988 crx si. I've done obd0 to obd1 conversion with the jumper harnesses from rywire.

my setup comes with (listing what I think might have relation only, if you want to know more just ask)

b18b1/1996 integra parts:
Intake manifold
fuel rail
head (checked over by machine shop and valve seals done)
new platinum ngk spark plugs

1991 integra parts:
new throttle cable with custom bracket to fit properly

1988 crx parts:
original harness
new radiator
new fuel filter
new gas tank and fuel strainer (fuel pump was fine and replaced before I bought it)

deleted charcoal canister and purge control solenoids, and used the map sensor on the throttle body.

I have the rywire jumper harness for my obd1 ecu (I can't quite remember which ecu but I double checked to make sure it would work). jumper harness for the distributor, hasport mounts, shift linkages and conversion kit for the transmission.

when we first fired her up she ran like absolute garbage, had a map sensor code and o2 sensor code. We fixed the wiring for the map sensor and the code went away but it still ran like [crud].

I've followed the instructions for rywire to wire up my o2 sensor - I bought a brand new o2 sensor and followed the wiring diagram for it to make sure I wired it in correctly. o2 sensor code is gone.

checked map sensor and found it was missing the o-ring! put and o-ring in and it ran beautifully. o2 sensor I wired in with the new one like I said and that code went away as well.

Since it smelled like it was running really rich, we did check a few things before realising the o ring was missing from the map sensor (found that suggestion on a forum and took a real gamble and voila!) We found that the spark plugs we fouled by a really rich engine (obvious reasons). Even after fixing the map sensor and o2 sensor, it still seems to be running a bit rich (just not as severe),
but now that it runs well enough to run for several minutes, it sets code 43: fuel delivery system code.

It seems to only come on after the fuel pressure has built up (after a few minutes of running). the car runs great, but we haven't had a chance to take it for a drive yet to know for sure if there is any drivability issues.

I know there's a lot of things this could be! I'll try to narrow it down.

It's not the gas cap, I swapped a known good one onto it. Timing is spot on.

I still need to check if there's cylinder wash, but do you think that for the short periods of time I had it running while it was extremely rich would foul the new o2 sensor and set code 43?

I'm thinking of checking the injectors, the wiring didn't look great from my original harness.

I feel like I'm forgetting things, I've been eat-sleep-breathing this thing for the last few weeks!

ask me anything and help me solve this puzzle. :shock:

EDIT: added note that compression is perfecf.
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