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What would my car run at the strip?

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What would my car run at the strip?

Postby ILackCreativity » Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:26 pm

I have a gutted 89 CRX HF, details as follows:

D16A6 Block
Z6 VTEC head
10:1 compression ratio
ARP rod bolts/head studs
Cold air intake
Eddie intake manifold
Header, cat, muffler
4-speed (1st gear does 40 mph, 2nd 70 mph, 3rd 100 mph, lol)
2-step at 4k rpm, 7k rpm rev limiter
No air conditioning, no power steering
Pepboys racing seats, 5 pt drivers side harness
Ebay coilovers
GSR blade wheels, 195/50-15 all season tires

Car spins the 1-2 shift at 40 mph. I'd assume it makes like 120 whp? Not going to lie it needs a tune, it runs and drives fine and ive raced people and driven it hard plenty but you can tell the engine hasn't been optimized. Someone changed something without re-tuning it at some point.

Pretty sure the car weighed around 1830 lbs stock, mine is extensively stripped. There is literally nothing in the back but a battery & the tail lights. In the front there is a carpet, dash is basically empty, no glove box, nothing in the center area but an aftermarket oil pressure gauge, otherwise there's just air there. I figure it can't be a whole lot more than 1750 lbs now. So, plus me (160 lbs) means im still sub 2000 lbs race weight, 120 whp.

I'm wondering what something like this would run in the 1/4, as is, but with a decent tire, not a drag radial just something i'd use at autocross like a 205 Rival S or Toyo R888 or whatever, something that would help me out considerably on the 60' over some crappy all seasons. I've raced a few cars on the street, best example to give you guys for comparison would be a stock '15 STI, guy got me by one and a half car lengths at 90 mph or so, near the top of my 3rd gear. I actually pulled him by half a car in 2nd gear, from a 45 mph roll. He said he ran mid 13's at the track when he went, stock, as he was when I raced him. Also had a similar result against a stock late model Accord, they're surprisingly quick for what they are.
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Re: What would my car run at the strip?

Postby cboutilier » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:37 am

With a set of stick tires like the R888 I'd give you a 14.4. Maybe 14.2 depending on the driver mod.
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