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rear disc conversion legal in sts?

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rear disc conversion legal in sts?

Postby kaminsknator » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:58 pm

From the rules: Non-standard brake rotors may be used provided they are of equal or larger dimensions (diameter and thickness) and made of ferrous material (e.g., iron). Thickness includes the individual plates of a vented rotor, as well as the overall dimension. The diameter for replacement rotors is measured at the minimum outside dimension. Aluminum rotor hats are allowed. Cars originally equipped with solid (non-vented) rotors may utilize vented rotors. Cross-drilled and/or slotted brake rotors may be fitted provided all such voids are within the disc area and comprise no more than 10% of that area. Brake calipers and mounting brackets may be replaced provided they bolt to the standard locations and the number of pistons is equal to or greater than standard. A functioning emergency brake of the same type, operation, and actuation as OE must be present. Drum brakes may be replaced with disc brakes of a diameter equal to or greater than the inside diameter of the standard drum. Such conversions must be bolted, not welded, to the axle/trailing arm/upright and must include an integral, redundant emergency brake. Changes to backing plates/dust shields/brake lines to accommodate these changes are permitted but may serve no other purpose.

My question. It says that drum brakes can be swapped for disc brakes. If I have an 88 si can I convert to rear discs? Legal to increase the disc diameter on the front? I'm guessing thats a no because it would require an adapter or a hub from an integra.
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Re: rear disc conversion legal in sts?

Postby incomplete » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:23 pm

you're correct... this is one of the gotchas w/classes in racing. a seemingly pedestrian upgrade can move you up a class... :\

regardless, i'd recommend reaching out to your local nasa rep and asking for clarification.
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