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Tips for removing old alarm system

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Tips for removing old alarm system

Postby razordave » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:00 pm

My '88 crx si has a siren between the rear tire and the bumper.
It doesn't seem to be hooked up to anything, but I'm thinking the modified wires inside the cabin are causing my shorts.

First my gauges and turn signals quit. Change the blinker and fuse and the gauges work long enough to use a turn signal.

Drive car for 2 weeks with no signals or gauges then pop, there goes another fuse. Illumination. No tail lights or dash lights.
New fuse temporarily solves that problem but a couple days later pop again.

I haven't had a chance to pull the dash out just yet, but I do vaguely remember breaking the whole dash in the 89.

Does anyone have a good link possibly with photos to a better procedure for pulling the dash?

I am pretty good turning wrenches, I just normally steer clear of door panels and dashboards.

Also, to any experienced alarm system install techs: advice on removing anything I may find in the main harness related to the siren in the rear?


89 si b18a1 obd1 5 spd gutted disc rear
88 si d16y8 obd1 5 spd (Y49) Purchased on 12/13/14
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