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HF Stereo System Setup

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HF Stereo System Setup

Postby realitydroid » Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:21 am

Hey guys. I'm relatively new to the forums. Have been lurking on them all day.

Anyway, I've had my '91 CRX HF for a little over a year now. My first car, and I must say that I love this little MPG beast.

When it was handed down to me from my mother, the deal was that I could either buy it off her for about $800 or pay to replace/rebuild the engine and just flat out keep it. Well, I just recently bought an engine to replace the one that is currently in it (runs decently still, just very high miles).

When I got it, I replaced the Pioneer head unit that was in it with a JVC. I also replaced the blown Sony speakers with Kickers, and then replaced the under performing Pioneer speakers with a pair of Sonys. Nothing too expensive, just enough for me to enjoy my music clearly.

Earlier this year I bought a cheap Dual subwoofer that had a built in 300W amp and put it in there so I could get better bass and keep the EQ on flat so I wouldn't hear distortions at louder volumes. Again, nothing insanely special, just enough to do the trick for me.

I also bought a SiriusXM add on receiver since my FM antenna isn't hooked up and the fact that I hate FM stations anyway.

I got a few pictures of at least the head unit and sub. Can get more pics later.

Please note that some of these pictures are older than others, and are not necessarily an accurate representation of how I have everything set up now.





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