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89 CRX wiring factory CD player

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89 CRX wiring factory CD player

Postby 831500s » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:36 pm

Hello everybody!

This is my first post here on the forum and I would like to say hello to everybody and I appreciate any help that is given to me! I am not new to Hondas at all, 46 years old, been working on Hondas for about 30 years now and just need a little help with something I am not familiar with.

I am trying to install a factory Honda/Alpine made access CD player in my 1989 Honda CRX, and the factory CD player has a sub harness that was supposed to come with the installation kit and I need to know The wiring diagram so I can make one. Does anyone here have one of those sub harnesses that goes between the head unit, the factory plug and the little six pin plug that is on the back of the factory CD player?

If you have one, and would be willing to help, I would be willing to PayPal you some money as a show of appreciation!

I look forward to hearing from anybody who can help and I greatly look forward to being a member here on the forum!

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