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1991 Honda CRX a Modern Touch

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1991 Honda CRX a Modern Touch

Postby Theboy » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:53 pm

So the intent of this is to make the crx a little more comfortable(flashy) with some modern technology. In this thread I intend to integrate a dmx512 universe to control the lighting on my car. RGB White headlight conversion 55watts, RGB White Foglight conversion 35watts, Interior glow, underglow, fiber. Thats the easy stuff.

I will explain what a DMX universe is. So imagine a lighting system where every individual LED is independently controllable and capable of axial movement (if equipped with swivel). Multiple flash patterns can be cycled through (all of which you can program). Yet still a system that can be dumbed down and controlled by a $30 controller plug n play; which can then be put into slave mode through a higher end controller used upstream for more advanced control. sound controlled, motion controlled, proximity controlled all products available and capable of being integrated into a DMX universe. Perfect right? pay for what you want and it is capable of being upgraded down the line if you decide to. Best part is it is an industry standard for stage lighting -- its not going away any time soon.

Parts ill be using:
DMX512 Controller
DMX512 LED Ribbion (Pricey but decoder built in and each pixel addressable)
Projector conversion with 85mm ring groove
85mm RGB Halos

So I want to add a Dash cam, Rearview and front facing IR camera. Dash will be connected to my Rearview mirror Probably gonna go with a android brand so it will be capable of communicating with the DMX universe via Bluetooth. Rearview and IR will be hooked up to my Kenwood.

Pushstart Keyless entries any good brands? Otherwise im thinking of going with a 6door security system and integrate some cylinders and electric locks. The idea is to proram my rfid equipment then use the pulse that gets sent out to unlock the door and actuate a clinder to pop the door open, i am also thinking of going with a electric motor to drive the doors. My thought behind the security lock system would be I could strategically place a usb that powers the circuit so if battery dies or i lose my key aslong as i have a usb cable, laptop and rember the password i could manually tap into the locks and trigger them. Hacks? a rock is free
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Re: 1991 Honda CRX a Modern Touch

Postby signalpuke » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:01 pm

Theboy wrote:Pushstart Keyless entries any good brands?


Skip the USB. They have a touchpad you can mount inside the glass, just tap the code and in you go.
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Re: 1991 Honda CRX a Modern Touch

Postby umop3plsdn3dlus » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:00 am

Compustar makes innice system as well for the glass entry. Dei makes nice actuators for electric locks and I believe they make some poppers as well if you wanted those. If you do a dei product or compustar for your keyless just run an extra FAD (factory alarm disarm) or unlock wire to a pin switch/momentary switch hidden somewhere. Just run the switch in series with a ground. It uses negative pulses for door locks. Again this is with dei or compustar. The major brands are the only ones I deal with. I won't be of much help with any of the others.
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Re: 1991 Honda CRX a Modern Touch

Postby Theboy » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:41 pm

Some parts have come in. I would have loved to show you all pretty lights but my 12V power supply got fried in a lightning strike. Damn bolt struck my pole.


Gotta wire harness and reverse wire harness so when the weather warms up ima throw that in. The 30W LEDs look like the should work inside the fog lights but I cant be certain until my front lights come in.
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