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FAQ: Car Audio, Gadgets and Security

Audio, video, navigation, radar detectors and more. Also for alarms, security systems, kill switches, and other immobilization techniques.

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FAQ: Car Audio, Gadgets and Security

Postby rex2nr » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:13 am

Jfro decided it's time the Car Audio, Electronics, and Security forum deserves it's very own FAQ, so here goes...

If there is something missing, which I'm sure there is- this is the forum I read the least of- please PM me or any of the other mods and we'll get it added ASAP!

Same rules as the other FAQ threads apply.... Please DON'T post comments or whatever, just a link and a description. I'd like to keep as much as possible on the site here, so if you see a good write up somewhere else, ask the author if they mind if you copy it here, or better yet invite them over here and ask them to post it! Items with an asterisk* are external links.

General Information
12 Volt Vocabulary and Info

Electrical System Repair info
Ignition Switch Repair
Fixing a Broken Main Relay
Temp Gauge Not Working
Fuel Gauge Not Working or Incorrect
Fixing Broken Fan Controls
Sunroof Switch Repair*
Brake Lights Stuck On

Wiring and Electronics Upgrades
Fuse Box Anatomy/Diagrams
Aftermarket Radio install
Wire Tuck
Instrument Cluster Swap Wiring
Add A Headlight Buzzer
Accord Climate Control Swap
EG Climate Control Swap
Power Window Conversion
Passenger Power Window Conversion
Power windows SPAL Kit install
DLAA Foglight write up
Wiring EDM Adjustable headlights
Power windows SPAL Kit install
2-DIN Head Unit Mod

Security Systems
Kill Switch Education
Thieves Suck- Honda Tuning Winter, 2008*
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